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Alan Roubik's music is also available on iTunes,, and CD Baby.


In all, there are 12 titles currently available featuring pianist/composer Alan Roubik, including the unique and popular "Music For Your Health Series" CDs.  This series of healing music has been tested in laboratories, endorsed by the US Olympic Swim Team at Stanford University, doctors and therapist, and has been published in several New York Bestselling books written by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Click here to learn more about how this music was created.

It all started with Alan's first CD "Promises" and the popularity of the music video by the same name, which was a hit on such programs as MTV, Star TV Asia and PBS.  His latest release "Rapture" is a live performance with his All-Star band.  Singles "The March" and the most requested song of all "The Bohemian" are also available.  And for those of you who love classical piano music, "Classical" is sure to please!

Scroll through the list of titles, listen to samples and order with confidence from our safe and secure online distributors including CD Baby:

CDs offer the highest quality of sound  and listening pleasure, due to the greatest range in frequency response (20-20,000 hertz).  If you are interested in receiving the maximum benefits from Alan Roubik's Music For Your Health Series, we highly recommend purchasing the physical CD if possible.


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